Association "TOGETHER"


The association “Together” is a community that brings together people from all cultures to help them adapt to life in Manosque and its surroundings in France.

Our association essentially consists of people from different countries around the world. And we know how difficult it is to adapt to a new language, a new job, a new school, a new house, and a new culture!

So, our aim is to show our Christian love to newcomers of all faiths in very practical ways, such as language learning, hiking, concert, conference, and meals.


We are currently running five discussion groups in French and in English to help with language learning.

Contact us to see if there is a spot open for you.

Cultural Events

We organise monthly cultural events like hikes, conferences, and international meals.

Check out our upcoming events.


upcoming events

Some information about the following activities may vary according to weather conditions or other variables.
Before coming, please be sure to contact us to verify the information above is up to date and that there is still room to join.

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At Eau vive

Contact for

the Association “Together”

Brad Dickson

+33 6 42 51 91 38

Catherine Dickson

+33 6 60 21 09 92