Sunday service

Service Time – 10:15 AM

Every Sunday morning you can join us at 10:15 AM at “La Maison Saint Raymond” 44 rue des Lilas, 04100 Manosque.

Our worship service begins with singing praise songs. We also have a time of prayer and communion.   This is followed by a sermon, where we are taught from the Bible. 

Our service is in English. Translation into French is available on demand. 


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Ministry to children

The children stay together for the first part of the service when we sing and pray. They then join the clubs for Bible lessons and activities according to their ages.

Lunch Together

Once a month, each one brings a dish of food to share with others and we eat lunch together. International flavours are guaranteed! The children (and the adults too!) enjoy the ping-pong table and the football table.

House Groups

We also have monthly house groups where people exchange ideas and questions about a Bible text, share joys and difficulties, encourage one another, and pray.


Once a month, board members meet to share and pray for the ministry of the church.  


You can park in the courtyard of the Maison Saint Raymond where we meet. We ask you to park in reverse in order to avoid accidents when leaving the courtyard while children may be playing.


As you walk in the door you will be welcomed by a greeter who can answer any questions you may have and who will give you a name tag.

Order of service

The service begins by about 30 minutes of singing and prayer. Then the children go to their groups and the adults listen to a 30-minute sermon. We often finish with Communion then necessary announcements and a last song.


For a young Church, we are blessed to have several musicians. The worship team is usually composed of 3 to 6 members with their instruments. We try to sing a mix of modern and traditional music, being careful to select edifying words.

Ministry to children

The children stay with us for the first part of the service when we sing and pray. We want them to feel part of our family. They then go to their clubs for about 45 minutes of Bible lesson and activities geared to their age group. We have a group for Junior High youths as well as a group for children between the age of 3 and 10. Children under three remain under the care of the parents, but we can also offer care if asked for.


We do systematic expository preaching, working our way through the Bible about a chapter at a time. We want to stay faithful to the text while at the same time making it as practical as possible. We believe the whole Bible leads us to Christ and to the Gospel. Each sermon should also lead us to Him.


Our service is in English. Translation into French is available on demand.


We don’t pass an offering plate around, but each one is invited to contribute as they wish and without pressure by putting their gift in the offering box at the back. Giving can also be done by bank transfer.

Ministry Activities